Body Scrubs To Get Rid Of Dry Winter Skin

We are all in search of that can't live without potion for healthy, radiant skin. We all want that glow and because we have different skin types it is near impossible to find one treatment that offers benefits for everyone? Some of us have oily skin while others are prone to acne breakouts. I have dry skin, which gets worse in winter months with excessive use of heating and wearing warm clothing like fleece that can be very drying. In the winter months, I love a good hot bath and shower and frequent baths can leave me even more dry with most of the oils in my skin being washed away. One trick I've learned in the colder season is I have to make body scrubs a priority in my daily skincare routine.

Dry skin is a common issue during winters. With the change in weather, your skin also changes its texture. Even if you naturally have oily skin, the cool winter air can strip the moisture of your skin and leave it dry. And along with the dry winter skin comes itchiness, patchiness, and redness. The white flakes that are so commonly seen during this season can also be attributed to the dryness. It also leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells that clogs the skin pores and causes the infamous winter breakouts.

Need not worry. All this can be handled with some hydrating body scrubs. Exfoliating rejuvenates the skin. It takes out all the grime and leaves you with soft, supple, and moisturized skin. All-natural body scrubs, especially those with a combination of exfoliating and moisturizing, offer lasting benefits for all skin types. That is because it provides two services that are crucial for all types of skin-deep cleansing with the removal of dead skin cells plus penetrating moisture for a healthy, vibrant glow that also protects against wrinkles and fine lines.

For dry skin, a gentle exfoliant such as brown sugar, coffee grounds or sea salt is important, so that you don’t further irritate the sensitive skin. Salts are especially beneficial, as they contain many helpful minerals that nourish the skin. I'm also a big fan of coffee grounds as a scrub because it promotes blood flow and collagen leaving your skin not only soft but also plump and youthful looking. 

Every skin type even the ones that’s considered “normal”, not too oily and not too dry, is exposed in the harsh winter months And every skin type, healthy skin or otherwise, requires daily moisturizing. And skin can’t reap the full benefits of a deep moisturizer unless pores are open and free of dead skin cells. This is why a body scrub, with exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients, is a great choice even for normal skin. So let's fight back this winter with some amazing body scrubs to add to your routine. This winter I'm loving that Ginger Delight. 

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