With Center In's Brown Sugar Scrub, the goal is to let the sugars and oils work for you as it gently moisturizes, exfoliates and soothes your skin.

This scrub was meant to be a channel for positive growth, bringing upon healthier skin and a sublime mindset. We recommend using the sugar scrub on your entire body. 


For your exfoliating and moisturizing routine. you can either use the scrubs on wet or dry skin. If taking a shower, we recommend wetting your skin, turning the shower head off or away from you, and massaging your skin with the sugar scrub. If applying the sugar scrub "dry," we recommend having the area of your skin clean (free from dirt) if possible.

You can wet your skin and then dry with a hand towel to ensure your skin is clean. This is not necessary, but recommended. "Dry scrubbing" before use is also an option. Your skin does not have to be wet to use the scrubs. Many people wash their hands with the sugar scrubs, using the scrub before washing their hands with water. Remember, everyone has an ideal preference whether they like their skin wet or dry. We're just hear to help guide you to have the best experience. 


Exfoliating is a key benefit of using a sugar cane scrub. Sugar naturally has glycolic acid(AHA), which penetrates the skin and breaks down the glue that bonds skin cells, increasing cell turnover and healthy regrowth, generating fresh, younger-looking skin.

To begin exfoliating, carefully scoop out enough scrub to cover the center of the palm of your hand(about 1-2 inches in diameter). Then, choose the section you'd like to moisturize and massage the sugar scrub onto your skin in gentle, circular motions. Let the sugar granules work for you. Excessive pressure is not needed. After about 30 seconds of massaging, your skin should be covered in both oils and small granules of sugar. 


After you've exfoliated the area of your body (face, legs, feet, arms, etc), rinse with warm water and pat the area lightly with a towel. Careful, you don't want to push too hard and remove the entirety of the oils, they are working to keep your skin healthy and fresh.  You should now feel the difference of properly exfoliating with our scrubs. Easy, right?! Now for the last part... the assessment. 


As you use more of our scrubs, you will notice subtle differences between them. We urge you to find your favorites. To do this, carefully assess your skin after use and see how each effects your skin differently. The smell, the feel, the moisturization.

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