Massage Candle for Your Valentine's Day Night In

There's plenty of good reasons to keep your home stocked with candles—namely, they fill the air with a sweet, relaxing scent, create a zen environment to help you unwind at the end of a long day, and can set a romantic mood. But here's another excuse for candle lovers to pick up a few more: Like a good massage candle is a wonderful idea for a at home massage. 

But what exactly is a massage candle, you may ask?  It is specially formulated with coconut wax that won't harm your skin upon direct contact, because cocnut melts at a comfortable temperature and isn't an irritant. Our Massage candles contains essential oils for aromatherapy benefits , as well as vitamin E, cocoa butter and shea butter  to smooth and hydrate skin, she explains.

To use massage candles safely—and without hurting yourself or your partner; let the candle burn, so that there's an adequate puddle of melted wax on the top. Then, blow out the flame, let cool slightly (you want it to be liquid and warm, but not scorching hot), and pour onto skin prior to the massage.



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