Monday Motivation - L Marie

We all go through ups and downs. So everyweek we will bring you someone who is working towards their goals !

Meet L Marie @lmarietv
What do you do or want to do for a living?
What I want to do for a living is to be a talk show host, discussing hot topics and subject matter that is helpful to others. In a way I’m doing that now, it’s just not paying all of my bills just yet lol.
What challenges has you endured in the past or present to achieve your goals?
Trying to balance a job that can pay my bills and working on my passion. Sometimes I have to pass on hosting opportunities because of my day job.
What do you do to "center in" ?
I am currently hosting at Afterbuzz TV which is a panel show where we discuss a tv program. While hosting the show if it applies I always try to relate the topics to real life situations. I am also working on my own vlog, which will be an advice show geared towards single women.

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