Monday Motivation - Meet Brian Williamson

Today's Monday Motivation goes to the owner of Nippy Nature, Brian Wiliamson.

Q:What do you do for a living?

A: I live for a living. I live through my passion to help people help themselves clean up around the house and bring a refreshing sense of peace to homes through my companies I created, Nippy Nature (a wellness inspired brand focused on bringing consciousness to products people use on a daily basis) and Nippy Home a cleaning service that helps sustain people's livelihood and bring a sense of relief coming home to a clean place.

Q: What challenges have you endured in the past or present to achieve your goals?

A: Many challenges from learning how to balance my time, accepting what works for the business and what doesn’t and most recently covid 19 and the social distancing that has come along with it. Cleaning services have just about halted while I seen a slight spike in cleaning product sales but faced many more unforeseen issues as larger brands or people with massive influence with no history or credentials in cleaning formulating whatsoever come and buy all the supplies from local vendors and make the price skyrocket because now a demand and supply problem exist. At the same time and that’s not good for any economy let alone a small business that is just starting

Q: What do you do to "center in" ( re-focus on achieving your goals)?

A: Music is still to this day my keep sale and let’s me go focus on myself for a while. I love Beyoncé and she really helps with her positive spirit. Also an amazing artist named India Shawn just released some amazing singles and her voice is very soothing to me so pure with a hint of rasp and full of warmth you have to check her out!

Q:What is your Y ( why do you continue doing what you do)?

A: I do this because I put a lot of money into this and I live to be in control from creative to every section on how to clean and disinfect a bathroom properly. I’ve always been self motivated and the fact I get to make solutions to people’s problem is a win every time. Feels good like having. Skinny waistline 🤗

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