Monday Motivation - Meet British

Monday Motivation
Meet  British @nameisbritish

Q:What do you do or want to do for a living?
- Right now I sing songs. What I want to do for a living is sing songs to inspire others to sing their songs. Obviously everyone can’t sing but everyone has a song for their life. Song being a purpose, something their supposed to do for the world and I want to help people be encouraged by that and tapping into that for their happiness.
Q:What challenges have you endured in the past or present to achieve your goals?
- The greatest challenge as a songwriter is writer’s block. I have so much to say but trying my best to not be repetitive or out of the feeling that no one gets me. It’s weird but I’m sensitive about my art and also sensitive to how people receive my art since I am trying to make an impact I want to be careful how I impact.

Q:What do you do to "center in" ( re-focus on achieving your goals)
- I pray and fast a lot. Speaking to God and being in his presence is the only way I can receive clarity. I go to the beach a lot to get in that presence and everything just flows.
Q: What is your Y? ( why do you continue doing what you do?
- I do what I’m doing for the legacy of my family. I love those that came before me but my family doesn’t have anything in their name and I think that’s unfortunate. I want to start it for the family that comes after me and for those before me to experience some kind of legacy. Something to be proud of. And again for those who I can inspire to want the same; a legacy for their families and to inspire others in the world. What wakes me up every morning is knowing that it’s bigger than me and what I have to give to the world and kingdom is needed.

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