Monday Motivation - Meet Garrison King

Monday Motivation
Meet Radio Personality Garrison King

Q:What do you do or want to do for a living?
Currently, I am an On-Air Personality, producer and Content provider for 99.1 KGGI and iHeart Radio. What I WANT to do for a living is sell flat tummy tea on IG and get free trips to Dubai.

Q:What challenges have you endured in the past or present to achieve your goals?
I've always felt like I run into many "Now is not your time" moments with the universe. Besides that, I try to stay as authentic as I can in a digital age that is all about the "highlights." Q:What do you do to "center in" (re-focus on achieving your goals)?
I do just that and do some introspective reflections. I constantly try to understand and prioritize how I spend my energy  towards things.
Q:What is your Y? (why do you continue doing what you do?) I honestly LOVE radio and seeing how we communicate with each other. I also have the unique opportunity to be myself and make a career out of it. It's truly special. With that, I am able to focus on achieving my career goals, strive to be the best husband and father, and above all else show people that it's okay to be yourself

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