Monday Motivation - Meet Tiffany Toney

For this weeks Monday Motivation meet Actor and Host Tiffany Toney
Q:What do you do or want to do for a living?
I am a producer an actor. I host and mc as well. 
Q:.What challenges have you endured in the past or present to achieve your goals?
Managing my desires with my needs and balancing my ambitions with my social life. I often spread myself too thin because there are so many things I love doing in terms  of creating. 
Q:What do you do to "center in" ( re-focus on achieving your goals)
Boxing .. working out and meditation are my anti drugs 
Q: What is your Y? ( why do you continue doing what you do
My Y Is my mom and dad… They had me at a very young age and have worked very hard to provide a quality life for my younger brother and I. I feel responsible for making sure that I can give back to them and they're older age. I want them to be able to see me at my best and to be able to provide comfort for them

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