Scent of The Month: The 6

Hey Center In Family,


It's been a while. But we are back doing big and amazing things.

For instance, our scent of the month program. Each month, we will highlight a new scent and give you a code to try it , if you haven't tried it before.

This months scent is , The 6 ( Vanilla/ Jasmine / Bergamot) named after TK's home city of Toronto. The 6 is perfect blend between sweet, musk and citrus scents. 

This is the scent for someone you are buying a gift for, but you don't know what scent they lean towards. But, it also a scent that you will love to burn and or put on you body. It has a grown and sexy feel.

It comes in a body butter, body wash and massage candle.

With that said, for the month of March use the code: The6 to get 40% off all the "The 6" products.



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