The Story Behind the Love Daphney Products

2020 has been a crazy year for all of us. This pandemic has robbed us from things that we took for granted, like eating at resturants, going to games, travelling and most importantly; hanging out with family.

Being from Canada and watching the boarders shut down instantly was a really scary time for me. When the choice of going home just because is no longer an option and you don't know when it will be, you look at life alittle bit different. 

About a month into the pandemic, I found out my great aunt passed away and I was hurt I couldn't go home to comfort my cousin. A few weeks later,  my mother informed me that my 98 year old grandmother was in the hosiptal for pneumonia; I instantly statered to worry. Because of technology, myself along with other family was able to see her in her hosiptal bed in Toronto. I was hoping for the best, but feared the worst. 

A few days later at 8am, I get the call that she passed away.

My Grandmother had been by myside since birth till I left home at the age of 17. And the one thing that I realized and learned about her was that she was consistent. Consistent with her love, conistent in how she treated you and consistent in how she looked at things.

I knew I loved my grandmother, but didn't how much I loved her and how she was so instrumently in my life till she was gone.

So, in honour of her. I named two scent after her.

Love Daphney #1 which is a lavendar scent; which my grandmother always had on for some reason.

And Love Daphney #2 which is a watermelon scent, which reminded of summers spent at home ( sometimes bored as hell) and my Gran giving us watermelon sclies as a nice summer treat. 

She was amzing and I wanted to honour her and share how amazing she was with you guys. I hope you enjoy my story and the products.


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