Our Cocoa Body Butter is made with pure cocoa butter, shea butter, unrefined organic coconut oil and a special blend of essential oils. Our Body Butters are hand whipped in small batches to ensure absolute texture and freshness and instantly hydrates and moisturizes skin. The high vitamin A + C + E antioxidant content softens and protects skin against environmental elements, while preventing moisture loss. Although solid at room temperature, our moisturizing body butters melt easily on contact, for an instant glow that won’t clog your pores. Your skin will readily absorb the butter and all its renewal benefits. We know the skin is the LARGEST ORGAN and this is why we emphasize and take pride in creating 100% ORGANIC products. In order to produce the highest quality and healthiest state of your skin, you must feed your largest organ organic properties to embrace its full potential. That is why we developed Centre In Body Scrubs and Body Butter, enriched with ingredients your body will love you for.