Benefits of Post Surgery Massages

Fall is upon us and we are for some happily over the Summer body phase of the year. This time of year is when most women and men are considering cosmetic surgery. The change of the season makes it's a great time to contemplate altering your body because it's the period that's slow between Christmas and the New Year. So while you're r considering or decided to book those appointments you have to think about what to do after your surgery date has come and gone. 

Post-surgery massages or Lymphatic massages are essential to the recovery. The lymphatic system is a collection of small lymph nodes that run throughout the body. Their goal is to help rid the body of toxins and waste. After plastic surgery, the lymph channels are typically disrupted, which can take up to three months to heal. While these are fine, they can also cause bruising and soreness.

After surgery, the recovery period can be very challenging due to the increased soreness and swelling around the incision site. The joints must be treated and nourished after healing. Patients need to seek professional massage therapy or licensed Estheticians after they have had surgery to avoid experiencing severe pain and stiffness for months or even years.

The muscles and fascia around the incision site are the underlying structures that make up the scar tissue. Patients must get massages immediately after surgery to prevent further pain and inflammation. If left untreated, this can cause a severe decrease in the range of motion. This can be caused by scar tissue, muscle contractures, and soreness around the incision. Getting a post-operative massage is a vital part of a recovery plan.

So in conclusion to avoid being in even more pain after your surgery and to speed you the healing process getting a post-surgery massage is essential to your recovery. The benefits for your health and healing are needed to ensure your surgery was a success. 

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