My First Pop Up Atlanta Edition

This past weekend I popped my pop up cherry in the new city I get to call home, Atlanta. Our business have had quite a growth in the last year and we have been fortunate enough that my business partner have been doing pop ups in California consistently since I relocated to Atlanta. 

Moving here in March I had to get our business up and running in the new city and once I was it was time to start showcasing our products to the locals. I didn't know what to expect I had a playbook from the does and don't of my business partner but I truly had no Idea how our products would be received. 

I chose my first Pop up bases on the area and also how much social media presence the venue had. The price to do the pop up was very reasonable and it came with a table and two chairs and I loved that it was on a Sunday and also Mimosas were involved. Who doesn't love to drink while you shop. I was very excited to meet new customers it was my first Pop up with my business but not my first Pop experience. 

The day of the event it was a really cloudy kind of rainy day which didn't bode well for our turnout prospects. I was right it was a very low turnout despite all the efforts from the event planners. We still did manage to make a good amount of money though which was very surprising alot of the vendors at the event because our biggest supporters and purchased our products. 

Over all our first Pop up in a new city was a success we made enough to cover cost and then some. I had fun and loved talking about skin concern and how our products can help. 

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