It's finally here!

You guys asked for it and we took our time to developing the perfect face moisturizer just for you. 

We developed two facial oils: 

1.RESTORE (Anti- Aging Facial Oil):  This youth-restoring, natural facial oil is a miracle treatment. It’s practically liquid gold. With high levels of vitamin C and A, it’s formulated to help clear up blemished skin and fade scarring due to hyper-pigmentation. This fast-absorbing oil intensely moisturizes and replenishes for a healthy glowing complexion. Our high performance rich elixir moisturizes and provides collagen plumping, essential fatty acids — prepping for the skincare ritual that follows. It will leave you glowing all day and night.


2 REJOICE (Combination Facial Oil): A fast-absorbing facial oil. It is ideal for oily to combination skin types. Most people with oily/ acne-prone skin stay away from moisturizing their skin with oil, which is the of what your skin needs. This elixir will clear up and balance your skin’s sebum. It goes on skin smooth and hydrates without any greasy residue at all. Your skin will feel like velvet once you're done using this delicacy. 


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