Shipping Delays

Shipping has been becoming a problem over the last serval months. Whether it's package never getting to you or taking several weeks to get to you. 

We try our best to combat the issue, but once we drop off your package it is out of our hands. 

However, please let us know if your package never get to you. Sometime, it shows up as delivered in our system, so we have no way of knowing if you didn't receive it if you don't let us know.

 On average, 6% to 12% of packages experience delays, regardless of the carrier; this increases to over 30% during peak eCommerce package delivery periods, such as Christmas.

In January 2019, FedEx shipping delays hit 12.87% of deliveries from Canada to the US, while UPS shipping delays hit 16.16% in the same period on the same route. The same amount of USPS shipping delays were experienced, too. Even Amazon shipping delays have become more common in recent months as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe.

What Causes Shipping Delays?

1. Current Events

Global current events can have a big effect on shipping if they prevent supply chains from operating normally. We’ve seen this in the current global pandemic. Coronavirus shipping delays have been felt across the world, from China and Singapore to Italy, India, the UK, and the US. FedEx shipping delays (and those of other couriers) have increased due to lockdowns, curfews and other measures put in place by governments to help combat the disease.

2. International vs. Domestic Shipping

Congestion in airports and bad weather are some of the leading causes of international shipping delays. Customs issues can also hold up packages, which is why it’s important to ensure your customs paperwork for international shipments are properly and correctly filled in.

However, domestic shipping is more affected by traffic, construction, major roadblocks and detours, and accidents. All shipments can also be delayed by failed delivery attempts, high volumes (especially around holiday and peak periods), and vehicle trouble.

3. Holidays

Holidays are prime time and the industry often experiences huge spikes during this period. Of course, this means a huge increase in shipment volumes that can easily overwhelm couriers’ capacities, especially if they don’t have an adequate delivery network or system. This can result in delays at a time when customers most want to have their packages arrive on time.

4. Supply Chain

Problems with logistics top the list of the reasons for delayed deliveries. Most supply chain constraints arise due to lack of capacity to process orders or store goods, especially during holidays, peak eCommerce periods, or major sales. They can also occur during the last-mile journey to deliver the package to the your doorsteps.

5. Customs

Unless, the required documents are attached and filled out correctly, customs may hold your package indefinitely or until the right information is presented.

6. Incorrect Address

If you give a misspelled or wrong address the delivery company may not have enough information to correctly deliver a package. This may result in shipping delays or the shipment not being delivered at all. So, make sure you’re correctly addressing your mail to avoid any problems with delivery.


With all that said, we are trying our best to make your Center In experience a great one. And please don't hesitate to contact us if there are any issues. 

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