Why Regular Facials Should Be A Staple Not A Luxury

Facials we all love them, whenever we get them but ask yourself when was the last time you had a facial? I'm not talking about the mini facials you give yourself on the weekends or the cute facials you and your friends do when you get together. I'm talking about a professional facial with a peel you couldn't find in the drugs store. Did you think about it, was a long time wasn't it or maybe you have never had a professional facial and then you have no idea what you were missing in the first place.


There are so many benefits to getting regular facials for example regular facials improve the skins tone, texture and elasticity it refreshes, relaxes and rejuvenate the skin by simply applying the crucial step of exfoliation. Each time you get a facial you are triggering your skins cell renewal process thus creating a more youthful, brighter, smoother complexion. So, if we know all that why don’t more people get regular facials?


The answer is this, many people think getting a facial is something you get when you go on vacation or a spa day on a cruise, a lot of everyday men and women think of it as something of a luxury not to be implemented in their daily lives. The price tags typically match this assessment making it even more unattainable or out of budget for most consumers. This view of facials as a “treat” or a “Luxury” is the reason why so many people have never had a facial and even though facials can be relaxing and pampering it is also  one of the best ways to combat acne and aging skin.


Getting regular facials will allow a professionally trained esthetician to educate you on a proper skincare routine along with suggesting products for your skin type and concerns. This helps you know what you should be doing at home and what you should be investing your money in as we all know there us a lot of options out there. One of the biggest things about getting regular facials is that they slow the aging process, you heard that right, facials help reduce fine lines, age spots and revive dehydrated skin. So, if younger looking skin didn’t get you to pay more attention to your skin then think about this a good facial paired with a good facial massage promotes collagen production, which is the building block of our skin.  Our skin is the largest organ we have it fights off UV ray from the sun, bacteria, viruses and germs its fighting countless battles seen and unseen.


Getting a facial is like going to the gym every day or going the dentist. It’s an

investment for the overall health of your skin  and in turn for your mental health, when you look good you feel good right?

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