Monday Motivation - Meet Thamara aka Tee

Monday Motivation

Meet Thamara aka Tee 

Q: What do you do or want to do for a living?

A: Personal Trainer/online trainer/youtuber 

Q: What challenges have you endured in the past or present to achieve your goals?

A: In 2012, I got very sick on a vacation to Cuba and ended up losing a lot of weight. Due to doctors not knowing what was wrong with me, I went through depression and had severe anxiety. Working out was the only thing that helped me get my mind right, and out back on the weight. Fitness saved my life!

Q: What do you do to "center in" ( re-focus on achieving your goals)?

A :I work out to refocus and keep my mind right. 

Q: What is your Y (why do you continue doing what you do)?

A: Knowing the things that I’ve been through in life, and never wanting to go back to that place is why I keep going and striving for greatness.


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